Who We Are

Our Mission

Make livable.™  Our purpose is to bring together a worldwide community that understands, builds, fosters, embraces, protects, inhabits, & animates livable places around the globe.

We work via a worldwide network of livableGUIDES with boots on the ground globally, and through government, corporate and citizen advocacy via our support of the livablePROJECT.


New technology, shifting fundamentals, and myriad global changes now heighten the need for guides who discern and champion the intrinsic values of livable places everywhere.

Uncommon in their field, our livableGUIDES are leading advocates on the forefront of smart community building, sound urban planning, and sustainable place making.


Steered by the livableFOUNDATION’s diverse coalition of civic leaders, real estate professionals, philanthropists, urban thinkers, citizens & donors, the livablePROJECT’s research, education, and advocacy initiatives advance: